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Geo Segmentation
The ability to target email recipients by geographic region such as city, state, country and postal code.
Areas or markets in which media is served.
Delivery of ads specific to the geographic location of the searcher. Geo-targeting allows the advertiser to specify where ads will or won't be shown based on the searcher's location, enabling more localized and personalized results.
GIF (Graphic Interchange Format)
GIF is a graphics format that can be displayed on almost all Web browsers. It is a common compression format used for transferring graphic files between different computers. Most of the "pictures" you see online are GIF files. They display in 256 colors and have a built-in compression. GIF images are the most common form of banner creative.
GIF89a (Animated GIF)
A GIF animation tool that creates sequences of images to simulate animation and allows for transparent background colors. Animated GIFs can generate higher response rates than static banners.
Goal Completion
The primary metric for measuring how well a website fulfills business objectives.
Goodbye Message
An email message sent automatically to list members who unsubscribe, acknowledging the removal from the list. Best always include a link to resubscribe in case theunsubscribe was requested accidentally.
Google Analytics
A free web analytics tool offering detailed visitor statistics; Google Analytics can be used to track all site activities: visits, page views, pages per visit, bounce rates and average time on site etc.
Google Bombing
Practices intended to influence the ranking of particular pages in results returned by the Google search engine, in order to increase the likelihood of people finding and clicking on selections in which the individual or other entity engaging in this practice is interested. It is done for either business or humorous and political intentions. Google bombing takes advantage of the power of hyperlink text and of PageRank.
Google Bowling
A form of SEO sabotage that is conducted by pointing hundreds of questionable links from low quality sites at a competitor's site with the aim of causing a site ban or penalty by Google against the target site.
Google Webmaster Tools
A no-charge service by Google that allows webmasters to check indexing and optimize visibility of their websites.
Google uses several user-agents to crawl and index content in the search engine. Googlebot describes all Google spiders. All Google bots begin with "Googlebot." For example: Googlebot-Mobile: crawls pages for Google's mobile index.; Googlebot-Image: crawls pages for Google's image index.
Gross Exposures
Each time a Web server sends a file to a browser, it is recorded in the server log as a "hit." Hits are generated for every element of a requested page 9including graphics, text, and interactive items). If a page containing two graphics is viewed by a user, three hits will be recorded - one for the page itself and one for each graphic. Webmasters use hits to measure their server's workload. Because page designs vary greatly, hits are a poor guide for traffic measurement.

Use the alphanumeric index below to find the term you're looking for.

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