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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are responsible for driving millions of customers and transactions to major Web sites. VirtuosOnline facilitates the identification and recruitment of affiliate partnership opportunities, from national shopping websites to local media sites.

Affiliate marketing opens the door to CPL (Cost Per Lead) deals in which the leads are exclusive, not shared with competitors. Setting up and managing an affiliate program requires a substantial time commitment and experience but with appropriate recruiting and partnership development strategies, a high quantity and quality-level of affiliates may be attained.

Our team of affiliate marketers can set up, promote and monitor your affiliate program. We have secure relationships with reputable networks like Kolimbo and Commission Junction, in addition to smaller vendors. The best affiliate programs offer new banners and promotions monthly and sometimes weekly.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Our Affiliate Marketing services include:

Configuring your website with third party affiliate software like MYAP, JAM, Affiliate Traction and many more. [...]

Aggressively recruiting national and local affiliate partners. [...]

Conception of and actual graphic design of flash banners, static banners, articles, testimonials, newsletters, text links and sophisticated co-branded portals. This is of great benefit and ROI to current affiliates as it provides incentive to regularly update content and promotions. [...]

"Refer a Friend" promotions offer a low-cost method of marketing of which the client should take advantage. [...]

We monitor large affiliate networks to ensure your message is consistent and the leads being delivered are from credible sources.We carefully screen all prospective affiliates to ensure brand integrity and moderate fraudulent activity. [...]

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