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Customer Segmentation

Just as marketers work to segment their offline audiences, they must learn to differentiate their online segments as well. By segmenting audiences online, marketers can begin to deliver messaging geared towards building a 1:1 relationship with their visitors.

Online Customer Segmentation

Are you building a 1:1 relationship?
The web is the best marketing medium for effectively building a 1:1 relationship between the user and your marketing message. Too often, corporate web sites do not properly segment their target audiences for efficient content presentation.

Frequent problems include:

  • Overwhelmed users that are presented with a broad and inefficient marketing message.
  • Internally motivated content that doesn't speak externally to your target audiences.
  • Users navigate through pages and pages of content before they discover what they are looking for.

Our team of consultants has a strong working knowledge of site navigational elements and the importance of correlating them back to business drivers. We will evaluate your site's navigational architecture. We discover where the opportunities are, and where current disconnects are occurring.

Next we will form a site blue print that intuitively organizes and connects your target users to the information they need. These paths will efficiently deliver leads and sales, empowering your site to become a business tool, not a brochure.

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