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Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics is an enterprise web analytics solution from Google. Fast and scalable to any website, it is extremely powerful and allows you to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing initiatives and on site visitor activity.

VirtuosOnline provides an exchange of ideas, web analytics information, and industry news and prospectives. In addition to providing timely commentary and how-to information our Analytics team provides Google Analytics technical configuration support, auditing, and configuration services.

Professional Google Analytics Services

VirtuosOnline offers Google Analytics services to configure, verify and support your Google Analytics technical configuration.

Google Analytics Audit

If you are not confident in your Google Analytics installation, are observing metric anomalies, or suspect configuration errors the Google Analytics Audit will comb through a website's entire Google Anlaytics configuration to identify all errors.

Of the hundreds of Google Analytics Audits performed, we have yet to come across a Google Analytics account that is optimally configured! The multi-checkpoint audit is performed by one of our in-house configuration experts. When completed, you are provided with a comprehensive Google Analytics Audit report and review call that highlights areas of concern, identifies and explains required configuration changes, and includes helpful online resources.

Areas of the Google Analytics Audit that are reviewed include:

  • Tracking code installation
  • User defined variable setup
  • Cross- and Sub-domain configuration
  • Filter review
  • Goal and funnel configuration
  • On-site search configuration
  • E-Commerce transaction tracking
  • Event tracking review
  • Marketing campaign tracking

Contact us for Google Analytics Audit pricing details.

Google Analytics Technical Support

VirtuosOnline provides hourly based Google Analytics technical support to correct known Google Analytics configuration issues. At your request a Google Analytics configuration expert can proactively comb through the website and Google Analytics user interface to identify Google Analytics issues and problems in need of correction. VirtuosOnline provides all of its support clients with a project manager and direct access to our configuration experts. In order to utilize support time in the most efficient way possible VirtuosOnline utilizes web based project management software, phone, and screen sharing technology.

Google Analytics technical support is sold in 8 and 20 hour blocks and can be used to address any Google Analytics configuration question or task.

Contact us for Google Analytics technical support pricing details.

Google Analytics Configuration

If you are lacking know-how, or more likely the time to properly set up Google Analytics, we recommend a professional configuration from VirtuosOnline. Our experts have set up hundreds of accounts! Upon completion, our trained specialists will deliver a turnkey configuration that is fully functional and accurately monitoring your website activity.

An example Google Analytics configuration task flow:

  • Service Kick-Off
    • Preliminary GA Requirements Gathering Call with a VirtuosOnline configuration specialist
    • Review of website architecture
  • Google Analytics Account and Tracking Code Setup
    • Google Analytics account setup, administrator setup, and user account setup
    • Customized installation and implementation documentation
    • Support for installation of Google Analytics tracking code
    • Tracking code audit
  • Google Analytics Account Configuration Setup
    • Google Analytics primary profile configuration
    • Google Analytics secondary profile configuration
    • Goal configuration
    • Essential filter set-up
    • E-commerce configuration
    • Google AdWords and Analytics linking
    • Google Analytics configuration review call
  • On Demand Support
    • VirtuosOnline configuration specialist on call for follow up Google Analytics technical support

Contact us for Google Analytics configuration pricing and questions.

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