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Web Analytics

Web Analytics brings everything together. In any marketing effort, it's important to determine measurable objectives and track the results of your online and offline initiatives.

VirtuosOnline has developed a sophisticated methodology for tracking web traffic, leads and sales through in-depth reporting tools, log file analysis, CRM synchronization, lead mining, and much more!

VirtuosOnline is versed in top web analytics software including Webtrends, Omniture, Google Analytics and Clicktracks. All our campaigns are tracked for ROI on referring sites and keywords, conversion rates, user behavior data, web traffic, organic vs. paid results and MUCH more.

It is advisable for advertisers to track all campaigns under one roof. While each affiliate program, PPC engine and ad network has its own tracking system, it's imperative to have an independent and robust system for auditing and detailed ROI analysis. We provide daily, weekly and monthly reports, customized according to Client preferences.

Web Analytics Services

VirtuosOnline's analytics package includes integration with online and offline marketing campaigns. Below are the Web Analytics services that we recommend:

Our technical engineers will set up the analytics software and work with your developer(s) to ensure tags are integrated correctly to capture, track and analyze campaign data. [...]

This service tracks which websites are referring visitors to client competitors and where those competitors are advertising across the web. [...]

This includes tracking specific actions that each customer or prospect takes upon visiting the Client website from receiving an email to making a purchase. [...]

Just as marketers work to segment their offline audiences, they must learn to differentiate their online segments as well. By segmenting audiences online, marketers can begin to deliver messaging geared towards building a 1:1 relationship with their visitors. [...]

Integration of web leads and customers into Client's chosen CRM platform is an important task that requires a knowledgeable engineering team. VirtuosOnline spearheads this process, which is a key step towards closing the sales loop. [...]

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