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Interactive PR

We offer customized, interactive PR solutions to help our clients take advantage of the Internet, while establishing credibility in an overcrowded 'online marketplace'.

Interactive PR is an increasingly growing and fast-paced field. We have experienced copywriters and I-PR specialists that can deliver your company's message to online media sites, bloggers and social networks.

Interactive PR is an important tool for businesses to utilize in concert with traditional Public Relations.

Our Interactive PR specialists design a highly customized online media strategy for businesses of all sizes. We have spent countless hours developing relationships with online media folks from websites like,,,,,,,,, and hundreds more!

We also have strong ties with popular bloggers and ezine publishers that are seeking relevant news, creative bylines and product launch announcements.

Interactive PR and SEO

Getting online media placement can significantly boost the organic search rankings of your website. One inbound link from a high-powered media site can far exceed the value of hundreds of links from directories and reciprocal links. To learn more about the effectiveness of combining Interactive PR efforts with SEO, speak to a VirtuosOnline Interactive PR specialist.

Interactive PR Services

Our Interactive PR services include:

Categorizing A, B and C-list web PR targets and formulating a relationship-building strategy with respective media outlets. The use of RSS feeds is critical, as media professionals utilize them to gather content. [...]

Develop keyword rich copy for bylined articles, press releases, electronic media kits and blogs. [...]

Ezines offer a wonderful chance to gain exposure in targeted and niche markets. VirtuosOnline will seek and integrate your content within as many suitable ezines as possible. [...]

Online publications need to be contacted on a consistent basis. VirtuosOnline will ensure that editorial opportunities do not pass you by. [...]

The speed with which wire distribution enables contact with various editorial staff and websites can be a major competitive advantage. [...]

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