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On-site Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has been a cornerstone of our program since inception. Over the years we have closely monitored how the Search Engine's algorithms have evolved and have modified our approach for clients accordingly.

Keyword Selection & Mapping

Keywords remain the axis of any Search Engine Optimization initiative. We have developed a highly effective process for selecting the most appropriate keywords for Search Engine Optimization. Our methodology encompasses client objectives, site content considerations and empirical search data from the Engines.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

There are a multitude of factors that impact how sites rank in the Natural search results. Understanding these issues and making site modifications are essential to improved positioning. Our objective is to improve your Natural results within the major search engines.

VirtuosOnline Search Engine Optimization Specialists will carefully review your site and provide a detailed written analysis and recommendations. There are four primary areas assessed during the review. They are:

  • Technical Optimization
    Issues include domain configuration, redirects, site architecture.
  • Design Optimization
    Issues include spider-ability, navigation and page coding.
  • Content Optimization
    Issues include content to keyword ratios, content applicability and duplicate content concerns.
  • Marketing Optimization
    Issues include linking (inbound and outbound), social media and congruence with other marketing channels.

Not only do we provide recommendations, but we work very closely with our clients to help them implement the changes. In certain cases we perform all of the work ourselves.

Our clients, many of whom have engaged our services for years, have benefited from our guidance and have learned a tremendous amount through partnering with us.

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