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Optimized Press Releases Distribution

For any business, obtaining press and publicity is a staple. However, not everyone has the time or staff to continually get the word out about their company, new services or exciting happenings. In addition to publicity, press releases can also be a valuable way to achieve greater visibility through the natural rankings of the Search Engines.

Through Optimized Press Releases you can help secure additional coverage in the organic listings through the many publications that pick up your release. Although not a direct link to your website, these are typically very credible publications that help promote your name in the top spots of the search results --- ultimately all leading back to your company and press coverage.

Additionally, posted to your website - press releases are an easy way to provide fresh, updated content on a regular basis. This data, upon spidering, can provide links in the SERPs directly to your site.

For optimal results, both in the press coverage and through obtaining Search Engine Optimization benefits - VirtuosOnline offers an ongoing program invoiced quarterly. As you know your business better than anyone, we ask for you to supply the initial draft of a story.... we'll take it from there.

Optimized Press Release Distribution Deliverables

  • Keyword Research
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Distribution through PR Newswire
  • Post-Release Report
  • Ongoing monitoring via Analytics

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