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Search Engine Friendly Copywriting

The copy on a Website is critical to the site's success and it needs to accomplish multiple missions. The top priorities are communicating the most valuable characteristics of the company, generating interest and offering well-conceived calls to action.

Developing copy for Websites is both an art and a science. This contrasts with the more traditional role of a print media copywriter who is operating in a static environment and who is tasked with writing brochure content that has to be perceived as "current" until the printed supply runs out or some calendar period expires.

In addition, Website content needs to speak to the requirements of the search engines to have the best ranking potential for the most essential keywords. This means taking into account issues like keyword relevancy and keyword density within the text. The copy needs to be optimized and freshness of content is also a factor in the ranking algorithms.

We work with both existing sites and those being created from a blank canvas. In both situations we have developed a series of protocols that are followed to ensure that we fully understand a client's objectives and are able to develop them into compelling and SEO-friendly copy.

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