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Blog Marketing

JupiterResearch (2006) reports that "34% of large companies currently maintain Weblogs, and the number will likely double by year end."

Blogs have become a powerful method for communication allowing people to express their knowledge and opinions worldwide. With over 25% of Internet users currently reading blogs, it’s no surprise they have become an integral part of marketing strategy.

Whether or not you have a blog, it's important to track how your business and brand are being discussed in the blogosphere to better understand consumer perspective.

If you're just starting out, a blog could be a great promotional tool for drawing attention to your new product or service while building credibility amongst peers.

Blog Marketing Services

Our blog marketing services include:

  • CMS Integration - We specialize in the following open-source CMS (Content Management Systems): WordPress, Moveable Type, Pivot, Nucleus, Serendipity, .Text and TextPattern.
  • Blog Authoring & Editing - We can work with your company to identify and manage one or several suitable blog authors – preferably experts in the field.
  • Website Integration - This involves integration of your corporate blog within the company website, without adding too much clutter.
  • RSS/Feed Management - The enabling of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, which facilitates content distribution throughout the web, ties in closely with Interactive PR and helps spread the company’s wings through CGM (Consumer Generated Media) – discussion boards, chat rooms, e-zines, etc.
  • Blog Optimization - Writing keyword-rich blog entries is one of the most effective methods of achieving organic search visibility, provided the content is engaging. Encouraging and monitoring community participation in the corporate blog should make others feel comfortable referring inbound links. In addition, Blueliner will submit your blog to hundreds of relevant directories.
  • Blog Pulse Tracking - How do you track your blog's popularity? How do you track what others are saying about your company and products in their blogs? This PILLAR of service includes integration with net media tracking software that serves the purpose of damage control (negative CGM) as well as testimonial gathering (positive CGM) across the web.

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