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Social Media Strategy

What is social media? Why does it matter? How do I deploy it?

These are all good questions to reflect on when your organization is ready to embark on the social media journey. From a marketing perspective, social media is a simple element of a somewhat complicated execution process.

We live in a day and age where consumers are far more educated (and skeptical) than ever before. They are using the Internet to connect, communicate, grow, play and learn from their peers. How can your organization become a part of this ever-growing phenomenon?

Listening to what consumers and propects are saying in the blogosphere, podcasts, and videos is a good place to start. Figuring out how to respond to them is the next step.

VirtuosOnline can manage your social media strategy, or train your in-house staff on how to initiate, manage and execute the proposed plan.

Social Media Plan

The Social Media plan will involve:

  • Assigning a Community Manager to represent your organization
  • Joining relevant social networks and communities
  • Employing tools like blogs, podcasts and videos to reach out to customers and prospects
  • Finding out what customers are saying about your organization
  • Responding to customers quickly when appropriate
  • Developing relationships with bloggers

...and a whole lot more!

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