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Public Relations

VirtuosOnline Public Relation Specialists combine creative strategy, research and impeccable communication skills to get our clients results.

We help companies with "big ideas" establish and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. We also incorporate our Interactive PR experience, using search engines and high powered media sites, to get maximum Web exposure.

All our clients have been strategically placed in high profile media outlets including print, television, radio, blogs and online media sites. We position our clients as thought leaders, global movers and shakers, and entrepreneurs worthy of press. Media results include top placement in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Week, Forbes, Time, USA Today, Barron’s, SmartMoney, Inc and hundreds more.

Our methodology involves highlighting the strengths and high points of the brands we represent. Our research and reporting tools serve as a foundation for all our campaigns, empowering us to be more efficient and timely in our process.

We manage PR campaigns for small to mid-sized companies in all industries.

Public Relations Services

Our Public Relations Services include:

  • Media Relations
  • Copywriting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Show Support
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Event Marketing
  • Speaking Engagements

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