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Traditional Print

VirtuosOnline offers high-end, traditional print design solutions. Unlike marketing collateral, the purpose of traditional print is to touch the portion of your audience that is not yet engaged by your company or a particular product or service that your company offers.

Traditional Print is most effective when it is used as an introduction or a teaser, enticing your audience to learn more about your company or the product or service you are promoting. This can be done by directing them to a well-developed website, landing page or microsite. Once engaged, you can then follow up with effective marketing collateral to close the sale.

Traditional Print is an integral component to your overall integrated marketing plan. When used in conjunction with effective online marketing and other traditional marketing strategies, traditional print is proven to be very effective.

Traditional Print Services

Below is a list of some of the traditional print services we offer your business.

  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Billboard Advertisements
  • Direct Mail (post cards, brochures, etc.)
  • Copywriting and Editing Services

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