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Pro Bono Services

Pro bono work is one of the most powerful ways that VirtuosOnline supports charitable organizations, strengthens the nonprofit sector and communicates our values. That's because we believe we can have the most meaningful impact in our communities by leveraging our greatest asset, the best thinking of our people.

VirtuosOnline's pro bono program is the embodiment of our strategic approach to community involvement, which focuses on helping nonprofits deal with some of the issues that challenge their capacity to address social problems. Our ability to help the world's leading companies address their business challenges makes us uniquely qualified to help pro bono clients tackle their organizations' challenges too. To that end, VirtuosOnline is investing $50,000 in pro bono services to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Of course, our involvement in building stronger communities is not only good for society, it's good for us too because it contributes to the healthy environments that businesses need to thrive. And, it helps attract, develop and retain talent while showcasing our values and capabilities.

Interested in Pro Bono Support?

Applications for a contribution of pro bono professional services must be made by VirtuosOnline personnel. To be considered for a pro bono engagement, a nonprofit organization (NPO) with a 501c3 tax status must have an existing relationship with VirtuosOnline through financial support, volunteerism, VirtuosOnline personnel serving on its Board of Directors or Trustees, or a partner, principal or director (PPD) sponsor (advocate for the duration of the engagement). External applications for this program are not accepted. Organizations that do not currently have a relationship with VirtuosOnline are welcome to introduce themselves to VirtuosOnline, in the long term interest of developing one.

Our goal is to support highly strategic pro bono engagements with significant potential for deep community impact. Success will be measured by our ability to build capacity for NPO clients and ultimately further their impact on the community.

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