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Windows Mobile Programming

Windows Mobile Programming is a dependable and rich mobile Operating System, targeted at feature packed smart phones with its powerful windows. It is a platform for mobile devices based on Windows CE 5.0. Windows Mobile platform is used in a wide range of third party hardware, such as Smartphones and PDAs (Personal digital assistants).

With the help of Windows Mobile SDK and Visual Studio, make it possible to develop a software for Windows Mobile platform in both native (Visual C++) and managed (Visual Basis .NET, Visual C#) programming languages.

Windows mobile Programming is high operating system for handheld devices and smart phones based on Microsoft Win32 API. It provide high quality Windows Mobile application services it is updated multiple times by the manufacturers.

Windows mobile Programmers

For the high quality windows mobile applications development, it is very necessary to take professional and effective services of windows mobile programmers/developers. VirtuosOnline is a professional mobile application development and smart phones solution provider, holding its strength with the expert and skilled team of talented and experienced mobile application developers / mobile application programmers.

At VirtuosOnline we are committed to bring your ideas to a broad Windows Marketplace. Our experienced and expert team of Windows Mobile application programmers and windows mobile developers uses familiar development technologies and tools to create market opportunities for you globally. Our .NET and Visual Studio development experience will connect you with millions of Windows Mobile users worldwide.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Our experienced and skilled Windows Mobile application Developers and simplified, streamlined and end-to-end process of windows application development will take care of your application from development, testing, certification and distributing applications through Windows Mobile Marketplace. Our expert team of Windows Mobile Programmers is having vast experience and skills in developing simplified line of business (LOB) applications, windows mobile applications that runs successfully across in different Windows Mobile devices to offer enhanced user experience.

At VirtuosOnline we offer:

  • Hire dedicated Windows mobile developer/ Windows mobile application programmer
  • Mobile application development Consulting services
  • Enhancement / ongoing maintenance
  • Technical support

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