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Forum Customization

Technical advancement has replaced the traditional bulletin board by message board, which can be accessed online by multiple members. This message board is better known as an online forum or an Internet forum. Online forum allows a number of users to participate in discussions. At the same time, users can also develop social bonds with groups sharing the common interest following an online discussion.

Forum is one of the effective ways by which you can popularize your site among your site visitors. You can install a Simple Machines Forum or SMF Forum or a PhpBBB forum to your site where users can post massages on a permanent page and other members can read and comment on the same or start new topics for discussions.

If you are looking for smart solutions for your online forums then we would definitely be able to help you. We offer forum customization services for both PhpBB and SMF forums.

Our entire gamut of forum customization service includes:

  • Custom Forum Designing
  • Forum Customization
  • Forum Template Designing
  • Forum Themes Designing
  • Forum Maintenance

PhpBB Forum Customization

Nowadays PhpBB script is popularly used for forum installation. The forums installed with this script can be used in both Windows server and Linux server. We at Quality Web Programming offer PhpBB forum design, customization and maintenance services. If required, we can offer technical assistance to integrate a PhpBB forum to your main site.

PhpBB forums can be customized to add a personal feel. If you do not want to use your PhpBB forum with its default interface, then you can go for our custom forum design service. It is all about changing the background color, font color and style of your existing PhpBB forum. With our PhpBB forum customization service, you can customize your forum according to your main site. You can either choose partly customization or a full layout customization for your PhpBB forum. With our forum templates design service you can completely alter the look and feel of your forum and add individuality to it.

SMF Forum Customization

Simple Machines Forum or SMF forums are created with PHP and MySQL. You can use an SMF forum for both small and large online communities. You can go for SMF forum customization at affordable rates from VirtuosOnline. We provide both forum design and customization for SMF forums.

We also provide SMF forum themes design with which we can completely change the interface of your forum. You can also order a custom forum design for your existing SMF forum. Often using the default layout for a forum confuses online visitors as they fail to associate it with the main site. With custom designing you can alter the forum layout to match your main site. If you want to go for something different then choose from our array of forum template designs.

Forum Maintenance Service for PhpBB and SMF Forums

After creating an online forum, its maintenance is very necessary. For professional forum maintenance services you can get in touch with our experts. A perfect online forum is one which is designed from the users' point of view so that they are at their ease while using it. PhpBB and SMF Forum maintenance service is essential to keep them secured from spammers.

For your PhpBB forum we will integrate several security features and help in its proper functioning by maintaining its moderator panel. On the basis of predefined security parameters we customize the moderator or administrative panel of your SMF forum. With help of security settings we can limit unwanted users from spamming on your SMF forum.

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