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Analytics Consulting

At VirtuosOnline, we use analytics to assess the effectiveness of your web site and your marketing campaigns. We move well beyond standard web traffic reporting, as our web analytics services will help you understand how your site can be improved to convert visitors into leads and customers. Our staff has experience using a variety of web analytics platforms, including the aforementioned Yahoo Web Analytics, Google Analytics, and Clicktracks among others.

Our staff can provide differing solutions to meet your business needs. We can provide full service web analytics consulting, where we take full control of your analytics needs, and provide ongoing reporting and recommendations based on your company's needs. For clients who are simply looking to get more out of their existing analytics setup or would like help gaining more actionable insights from their website statistics, our team can provide one time or ongoing web site analytics consulting centered around your needs and goals.

Full Service Analytics Consulting

For companies who would prefer to have VirtuosOnline handle the entirety of their web analytics campaign, we provide ongoing reporting that will focus on:

  • Development of appropriate web metrics that align with your business goals
  • Using web statistics to better understand user behavior and activity on key goal pages
  • Analysis of web traffic sources to gauge how users are reaching your web site
  • Search engine keywords and phrases being used to find the website, and corresponding visitor activity
  • Conversion and ROI tracking to measure how many visitors are taking actions such as becoming members, making a purchase, or completing a form. The sample report below details clicks and revenue generated from three pay per click campaigns
  • A review of your market segments and a corresponding web site behavior analysis for those segments to understand how these different groups currently use the site and how you can better customize their web experience
  • In depth analysis of typical paths visitors are utilizing to navigate the site, including forward and reverse paths to key outcome pages
  • Recommendations on site navigation and content refinements to help drive business goals
  • Path analysis to see how users move to and from specific pages of interest

One-Time & Periodic Analytics Consulting

As some platforms such as Google Analytics can be implemented for free, many companies already have the capabilities to do in-depth reporting on their site, or would like to track certain website statistics specifically (such as the ROI they are getting from online advertising or pay per click campaigns) but simply lack the expertise to do so.

Based on your defined needs and goals, our team can set up a customized engagement to help you get more from your web analytics package. If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you, feel free to give us a call or use the form on the right to schedule a free private consultation.

We understand the value of doing an in depth web traffic analysis to understand visitor behavior. Our web analytics consulting team has a wealth of professional experience having provided web analytics solutions to many companies world-wide. Contact us today to put our experience to work for you.

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Want to see if Internet Marketing will benefit your business and how many potential customers search the internet looking for your products or services? Want to know how your current website stands in the market? Want to see how your website is doing comparing to your competitors?

For serious potential customers, we provide a free analysis and report, along with a 1 hour consultation.

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