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Corporate Branding Consulting

Today, many markets are overpopulated with both large and small companies and overexposed with marketing messages. This has made for a difficult landscape to get a marketing message noticed. And with the rising costs of getting a new product or service ready for the market, it has become even more important to cut through this clutter. The one sure-fire way of doing this is by having a corporate branding strategy.

Powerful corporate branding can equip most any new product or service with instant credibility and value that simply can't be reproduced with any sort of product-focused marketing campaign. That is why it is vitally important for any serious corporation that wishes its product offerings to be successful to create and protect a strong corporate brand.

How do you do that? Well, first throw away the notion that branding only involves marketing, i.e. putting an image out there. Yes, it involves that, but a huge part of it also entails relations with investors, media, competitors, government and others. Not surprisingly, these kind of "high-level" considerations require the equally "high-level" attention of such company officials as the CEO and senior management.

By the way, don't confuse corporate branding with corporate identity-two completely different things. Corporate identity involves a company's logo and design strategy only. It is merely a component of an overall brand strategy.

Successful corporate branding is all about establishing a long-term vision for a company and crafting the company's operations to meet that objective. Some companies that do this well include Microsoft, Intel, Singapore Airlines, Disney, CNN, Samsung and Mercedes-Benz. The kind of brand strength these companies enjoy takes a long time and a lot of work to establish, and there's a lot of brand research and tracking to maintain. But it's not as difficult as it sounds. Today, a company of virtually any size can use the same sophisticated branding research tools the big boys use.

Why is it important to worry about these kinds of things? Because a strong corporate brand adds depth and value to a company's product offerings. It's also a public statement of the company's culture and values. For instance, HSBC bank, one of the world's largest banks, has the tagline "The World's Local Bank," which both represents the size of the bank, but builds on its purported focus on individual people

Branding Services

Our branding services include:

VirtuosOnline works with you to help translate the success you've seen with your offline brand onto the web. Consistency across channels will help to ensure your brand retains its current equity and continues to build equity online. [...]

The large majority of web marketers these days clamor for attention and instant sales. Instant sales are nice, but the means to getting them aren't always in the longterm best interest of a brand. You need a solution that will bring those one-time visitors back again and again. That solution for customer loyalty, just like in the offline world, is a strong brand. VirtuosOnline provides world class Internet branding. [...]

Branding in essence is effective brand strategy. It's the application of sound research into brand communications, analytical techniques, and the development of an improved strategy for your brand. Strategy is all about brand positioning. We'll identify the key elements of your corporate or product brand and develop a branding action plan to implement it. [...]

Brand design is about designing the customer's experience with the brand. That means from beginning to end, the customer gets an image of your company and products that is value oriented. With each exposure to your brand, they continually pick up on the brands benefits and features. This constitutes your brand's unique value. [...]

Brand marketing is the art/science of making the right impression on prospects. It's the active process of discovering, developing and bringing the right image or identity of your company to the marketplace. Too often, clients are focused on the later stages of the brand identity development process, such as the presentation on a Web site or advertisement in a magazine. [...]

Strong Corporate Brand

A strong corporate brand can also set the tone for further development of a company; such is the case with Proctor & Gamble (P&G). Under it's corporate name, P&G markets many different brands-a fact that P&G has built its corporate brand on by promoting a sincere commitment to and respect for individual purposes, visions and values throughout every level of the company's products and culture.

Good corporate branding can also enhance budgetary efficiency. With product development costs becoming ever higher and product life cycles shorter, it's important for companies to recoup costs however they can without sacrificing quality or service. With creativity, a strong corporate brand can do the work of many expensive product-marketing campaigns.

Apple does this very well. While offering many different products, all of them are laden with cutting-edge design and innovation-hallmarks of Apple's overall branding strategy. This model isn't right for everyone, but if a company determines through research that this kind of consolidated brand strategy would work for them, they should do it. If not, there's no good reason to try.

Strength of a brand is a good indicator of the strength of a company and its financial value-many actually list their brands on their balance sheets. But even that estimate is probably understated. In short, in this over-populated, over-marketed business climate, having a strong brand is more than half the battle.

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