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Online Brand Translation

VirtuosOnline works with you to help translate the success you've seen with your offline brand onto the web. Consistency across channels will help to ensure your brand retains its current equity and continues to build equity online.

How do you wish to be perceived in the online marketplace?
Our consulting team will work with you to define your target audiences that you wish to reach online. From there, we will outline the different messages that will be articulated to each of those target audiences.

Three things must be in place and work in conjunction to achieve successful online brand translation to your target audiences:

  • Tone - What is the tone of your site? The tone of the site should utilize color and design elements that are consistent with your brand's image.
  • Content Presentation - Content presentation should reflect your brand positioning and it is critical to properly package and articulate your points of differentiation to your target audiences.
  • Navigational Elements - A usable site facilitates a positive experience for its visitors. Positive visitor experiences directly translate to increased brand equity. Conversely, if a visitor has a tough time finding the information they are looking for, they will come away from your site with a negative perception of your brand.

We will work with you to ensure that all three of these are in place and are working together to successfully translate your brand onto the web.

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