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Conversion Optimization Consulting

In an environment where analytics come in all shapes and sizes, VirtuosOnline empowers marketers with the information, data, and insight needed for better decisions.

So you received 10 leads from your contact form on the web last month? Does that mean your site is effective?

Perhaps, if 10 people completed your online contact form, you would consider that good conversion. However, what if 1,000 people came to the contact page? Now is that good conversion?

Marketing is as much quantitative as it is qualitative. As your site becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy, it is crucial that you have metrics to measure its effectiveness. Our team of consultants can run a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of your site and help you determine the paths users are taking to get to desired site outcomes.

We will analyze the following user behavior patterns on your site:

  • Path Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Link Analysis

All three evaluations will determine how effective your site is at moving users through the conversion funnel.

Web Analytics Funnel

This strategic analysis goes far beyond how many hits or page views your site received last month. We will take a very detailed and granular approach to discover:

  • Where did users originate from?
  • On which pages did users enter the site, and how did this affect the way in which they navigated?
  • How many different steps did users take to get to your objectives?
  • Which pages cause site abandonment?

In making these discoveries, our consultants will then evaluate and recommend changes that should be made, including:

  • Navigational Elements
  • Usability
  • Content Packaging
  • Messaging

With this plan, you now have a comprehensive, quantitative approach to getting more out of your Internet Strategy. From here, our implementation team can come in and execute these changes, giving your company an end-to-end solution.

Conversion Optimization Services

Our team of consultants has a strong working knowledge of site navigational elements and the importance of correlating them back to business drivers. We will evaluate your site's navigational architecture. We discover where the opportunities are, and where current disconnects are occurring. [...]

VirtuosOnline provides two types of website and application interface testing. Whether you are looking to test a website or application for an upcoming launch, or just want to test why users are behaving as they do, our flexible solutions will help answer your questions and give you an action plan to improve. [...]

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