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User Interface Testing

VirtuosOnline provides two types of website and application interface testing. Whether you are looking to test a website or application for an upcoming launch, or just want to test why users are behaving as they do, our flexible solutions will help answer your questions and give you an action plan to improve.

  • Survey Testing - Working with our clients, we develop a series of questions and a test interface for users to complete on their own time. We compile the results and create an overview, log of results, recommendations, as well as steps for implementation. The size and scope of the survey is dependant on client needs and budget.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Observation Testing - Using a variety of methods, including moderator observation, video recording, and user feedback, we collect and analyze user information to optimize your site or interface. Like the Survey Testing, the GUI Observation Testing deliverable contains an overview, observation log, recommendations and steps for implementation.

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