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Ecommerce Consulting

VirtuosOnline leverages a wealth of ecommerce consulting experience and Internet marketing skills to help clients attract, retain, and convert qualified web traffic. We strive to form long-term ecommerce consulting relationships that provide our clients with consistent value and results. VirtuosOnline can help you identify a clear path to success.


Generate qualified traffic in two ways:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization - Organic SEO involves site re-structuring and re-programming to make the site search engine friendly. Standard organic optimization is a low-cost way to generate extremely qualified web traffic.
  • Online Advertising (PPC) - Pay-Per-Click marketing is a paid, performance-based search engine optimization method that places your site among the top search results on major search engines. Spartan Internet has experience facilitating and implementing effective and cost-efficient online marketing campaigns.


Retention involves transitioning your qualified traffic into an engaged, active visitor. We use a few methods to help our clients retain visitors and pull them toward conversion:

  • Site Tone & Manner - An engaging site design helps to emotionally involve the visitor in site content. Site aesthetics have a powerful effect on a visitor's attitude towards product and service offerings, and their likelihood to continue to navigate through your site.
  • Navigation - A user-centric, clean navigation system gives visitors the road map they need to reach an end objective. Online customer segmentation is a critical factor in retaining web traffic and delivering the right message, at the right time. We work with your marketers to define key audience segments and determine how to effectively reach them online. The goal is to build a 1:1 relationship between a visitor and your site's message.
  • Content Packaging & Presentation - The organization of content on the site must reflect the needs of visitors in order to encourage the desired navigation actions. Content packaging is a mixture of text, images, and web applications that enhances usability and keeps traffic flowing smoothly around the site.


Converting qualified traffic into business leads involves fine-tuning site information architecture based on detailed visitor behavior analysis. The conversion stage's effectiveness lies in a marketer's ability to integrate a wide range of persuasive tactics. One of the ways we can fine-tune conversion rates after implementation is to perform:

  • Visitor Behavior Analysis - We utilize industry-leading web analytics tools to discover weaknesses in individual page conversion and correct them accordingly. By eliminating visitor abandonment points, we are able to keep your visitors interacting with your site longer, and make their interactions targeted and linear. Conversion is a result of a user-centric navigation system that seamlessly pulls users from an entry page right through the site towards a final objective.

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