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Market Research

Market Research is essential to staying competitive in your industry

Market research consultants provide business market research, Internet marketing research and competitor analysis services. Did you know that 75 percent of new products eventually fail to attract enough buyers to remain viable? A major reason is the seller's failure to understand market needs.

Don't let it happen to you!

VirtuosOnline conducts market research to gauge the performance of existing products, to guide the development of promotional campaigns, and to analyze sales of competitor's products. All of these activities enable our market research consultants to fine-tune your marketing strategies and reach customers more effectively and efficiently.

Market Research Benefits

Effective market research data and competitor analysis provides answers and:

  • Defines the need for your service or product
  • Detailed target market demographics
  • Determines a product's likelihood to sell

This market research can help you identify not only the customer satisfaction level with your services and products, but also what can be done to attract and retain customers. Understand your competitive marketplace and differentiate your brand with VirtuosOnline's primary and secondary Market Research Services.

Primary Market Research

VirtuosOnline's primary market research services fall into three main categories:

  • Observation - gaining information by monitoring people's behavior in relevant situations. Actions often speak louder than words.
  • Experimentation - testing consumers' and buyers' reactions in a relaxed environment, which is guided by an expert.
  • Questionnaire - a non-experimental study for gathering information on the activity being examined. Surveys can be both qualitative and quantitative depending on the number of customers surveyed and the nature of the survey.

To quantify the needs and concerns of your target market, VirtuosOnline can facilitate focus groups, usability testing and surveys.

Focus Groups

How Can You Benefit From Focus Groups Study? Focus group studies allow you to acquire a great deal of information that can help you:

  • Improve the planning and design of new programs/products/services
  • Provide the means of evaluating existing programs/products/services/ideas
  • Produce insights for developing strategies a focus group moderator

As the facilitators of your focus group we will:

  • Identify the focus group objectives
  • Contact Potential Members
  • Develop Questionnaires
  • Plan and Facilitate the Actual Focus Group Session
  • Compile Information Gathered During the Session


Conducting a survey is a tool that can help businesses make better decisions, and adjust their marketing strategies. The better a company knows the market they serve, the better they are able to serve it.

Types of Surveys

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product evaluation
  • Customer loyalty

VirtuosOnline is able to conduct mail and online surveys for your company. Surveys can be both qualitative and quantitative depending on the number of customers surveyed and the nature of the survey.

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